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Daniel Wambua Kyuna

Project Coordinator

Maji Mazuri Centre International

Synopsis of your work
I am a social worker by profession with over 10 years of experience in projects management and community mobilization. I am passionate about young people and believe in investing in them by empowering them to bring about change in their own lives.

I work with Maji Mazuri Centre International as the projects coordinator in charge of designing and coordinating youth programs.

Maji Mazuri, which means “good water” in English, is a Kenyan social-economic development NGO. It was founded in 1984 to address the root causes of poverty and focus on poverty alleviation by empowering people to bring about change in their own lives.

The organization’s vision is to provide the foundation, education, and support needed for children, youth, and families to become self-sustaining in terms of social, economic, and spiritual well-being.

Each of Maji Mazuri’s projects is designed with the principle of holistic, community-based approaches to addressing socio-economic inadequacies. A holistic approach is needed, and the solution involves working within the community. System-wide changes must be effected if there is hope for ending the cycle of poverty. Maji Mazuri programs seek to address the root causes of poverty and help the community realize the most optimal solutions.

Relationship with Vizazi
Maji Mazuri is partnering with Vizazi in the implementation of two counseling programs known as “Equip” and “Write Junior Club” under the social upgrading program (SUP).

“Equip” is a training program that gives youth tools to think and act more responsibly through a peer helping approach. The program targets teens and youth aged between 12 and 24 years. The topics covered include, anger management, social skills, social decision making and mutual help meeting.

“Write Junior Club” is a training program for kids and teens that reduces the symptoms and stress of trauma. They learn how to cope and deal with their traumas by expressing their negative life events through a visual platform like drawings and writing.

Why Vizazi
Maji Mazuri believes in empowering people to bring about change in their own lives and this ideology connects well with Vizazi’s mission of empowering people through high-quality training and counseling services to gain control again, create ownership and redesign their future. We both believe in the power of people having control over their own life by making conscious and constructive decisions.

What do you hope to aspire in this collaboration?
We believe this collaboration will promote knowledge, experience, and resource sharing in the implementation of the training programs. This will strengthen the programs and ensure high-quality training is delivered to the target beneficiaries.

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