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James Ngechu

Lead Designer

Synopsis of your work
Our upcoming African enterprise delivers bespoke branding, design and printing services to our clients. The energetic team will walk with you through the adventure that is branding and design. Eleven Degrees Africa is here to bring forth our clients’ vision through novel and enthusiastic passion for design and execution. We get your brand to the next level in stylish yet wild simplicity!

Relationship with Vizazi
Branding, design & print service provider.

Why Vizazi?
The values that Vizazi holds dear align with our values as Eleven Degrees Africa.

What do you hope to aspire in this collaboration?
That the world is able to view and feel the true representation of Vizazi through the visuals and print materials we produce. We believe that our designs and products should help businesses deliver their brand in the best way possible.

Website & socials
Instagram: @elevendegreesafrica