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Josephine Munene

Program Designer

Designing sustainable programs that are aligned to the Vizazi vision mission and values to promote sustainability. In addition, managing partnerships and collaborations to fulfill the Vizazi action plan.

I am a Counselling Psychologist with a background in Community Nutrition with a Social Innovation ManagementĀ post-graduate certificate from the Amani Institute. My work is with social enterprises and organisations that focusĀ on Behaviour Design programs to tackle sensitive social issues responsibly with a focus on sustainability.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about innovating wellness interventions and especially for young adults. I also enjoy helping founders create clarity about their offering within their organizations to promote a values-led leadership approach.

Why Vizazi?
Vizazi is a unique organization whereby my two areas of expertise social innovation and psychology meet seamlessly and work in tandem to create social change.

How do I want to make a difference in Vizazi?
My contribution to Vizazi is bringing my skills and expertise to shift it from relying on charity into a social enterprise by designing products and services that are sustainable.