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Tushinde Children's Trust

KuZa Internship Placement Organisation

Synopsis of your work

Tushinde, meaning “we are succeeding” in Kiswahili, is a Kenyan registered NGO and a UK registered charity. Tushinde was founded in 2010 to support children living in absolute poverty in Africa’s informal settlements, specifically the most overcrowded informal settlements, with family-based psychosocial support and education. Due to the prevalence of unpromising family services, especially on GBV(Gender Based Violence), child protection, and limited essential health services to families, one of Tushinde initiatives is to facilitate access to prevention, awareness raising, support, and care to victims of abuse for families/individuals in its program through various interventions such as psychosocial support and mental health counseling relationship with Vizazi.

Our goal is to establish a partnership that fosters collaboration between Tushinde and Vizazi. The partnership extends to the point where such coordination and collaboration have the common aim of improving the quality of life of vulnerable families in the informal settlement of Mathare. Vizazi will also support Tushinde in sourcing interns whenever an opportunity arises under the KUZA internship framework.

Why Vizazi and what do you aspire to in this collaboration?

Tushinde works with extremely vulnerable families who have multiple complex challenges that require counseling, and VIZAZI is a valuable organization to connect with. We believe that this collaboration will identify opportunities and programs in which Tushinde and Vizazi professionals can participate through training with the goal of reaching the targeted beneficiaries through counseling programs.

Links to website and/or social media pages


Instagram: @tushinde_kenya