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Wendy Aimée De Macker


Trainer & relationship/family therapist

I am a professional counsellor in systemic therapy with a specialisation in relationship/family therapy and a focus on youth interventions (for more detailed information, check:

What are you passionate about?
Working over 20 years as a counsellor in the Netherlands and in Nairobi I witnessed that everywhere in the world the foundation of life is determined by relationships. Communication, affection and connection create the steppingstone of inclusiveness. And don’t we all want to belong?’

Why Vizazi?
My late father is my source of inspiration. He taught me to be proud of myself, know my value and carry myself with confidence and an open mind and more importantly with an open heart: “in any interaction with every human being, you can create a chance to learn. It is never about a title, status or class. It is about meeting the human be-ing. Be humble, be curious and be ready to learn.”

I believe in building communities where people inspire, learn, grow and most important meet. From heart to heart. From human being to human being. From generation to generation. Vizazi offers a space where new stories will spark as sources of inspiration. Westlands meets Eastlands (Kenya), East meet West (the world).

How do I want to make a difference in Vizazi?
With my passion for training and relationship/family counselling, I dedicate my time and energy to create safe spaces for young professionals where they can amplify their skills and uplift their services for clients varying from Mathare to Muthaiga and in between.