Training KuZa

Are you a young professional in counselling and psychology?

Would you like to enhance your practical skills?


Vizazi presents




KuZa I To grow I To nurture

amplifies young professionals in the field of counselling & psychology with skills from systemic therapy coupled with guided practical experience, supervision and peergroup intervision by our leading systemic therapist.


  • based on real life scenarios & experiences drawn from facilitators own practice
  • evidence based methods & interventions from USA as MST | MDFT | Gottman
  • unique systemic approach & power of the social ecology as key for change


10 weeks of:

+ training & workshops

+ practical experience & fieldwork

+ supervision & peer groups


Training sessions by Wendy De Macker are:

  • interactive | innovative | pragmatic
  • hands on | roleplays | live supervision
  • cross cultural | cross communities | cross continents


For more info:

+ 254 (0) 711 927 666

KuZa recruitment image November 2019