After finalising KuZa Cohort I with great success and satisfaction, we’re proud to present to you KuZa Cohort II:

+ Period: start date 19.01.2021 – end date: 30.04.2021

+ Deadline application: 15.12.2020

Curious? Go to the page: www.vizazi.org/kuza/ and start your journey of exchange, exposure and experience.


As Vizazi Foundation, connected to the informal settlement Mathare I Nairobi in the last 15 years, we designed in close collaboration with our local partners an unique response to the new reality of Covid-19: Jamii kwa Jamii I Food 4 Thoughts. Food distribution with a sustainable angle: please check out our page www.vizazi.org/Covid-19/ and be part of it!


Public Notice

Vizazi Limited and I, the founder/owner of Vizazi Limited I Wendy Aimee De Macker, hereby wants to make a notice to the general public. Please click here: Public Notice – Vizazi – August 2020.


What is Vizazi


Vizazi is an international expert centre for interventions operating in the field of high quality counselling, training and supervision.


We believe that the essence of a meaningful life is based on inclusiveness and belonging through the relationships an individual encounters. The key to maintain healthy relationships is having control over your life by making conscious and constructive decisions.


What we do


Professional counsellors with more than a decade of experience help people, who feel stuck in life with themselves, their private relationships or their (work-)environment to gain control again, create ownership and redesign their life.


Our clients are children, youth, adults, couples and families, companies, organisations, institutions and communities in Kenya and the Netherlands.


How we do it


We use evidence based methods from cognitive, systemic, intergenerational and Gottman Couples therapy to carefully challenge our clients on a mental, emotional and social level to reconstruct unhealthy patterns.


In the process of empowering our clients to create ownership and redesign their future, we follow a  proactive, respectful and curious approach.
The client’s needs are our starting point and we always include key influencers from the clients context who contribute positively to the desirable change.

Vizazi Training & Counselling Services



Wendy as a professional counsellor with decades of experience in systemic therapy helps people who feel stuck in life with themselves, their private relationships  or their (work-)environment due to any reason to gain control again, create ownership and redesign their life.


For any question or a consult, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me:
+254 (0) 713 678 422 | wdemacker@vizazi.org
Wendy De Macker

Vizazi Foundation


  • Youth
  • Schools
  • NGOs | Community Based Organisations


Vizazi Foundation designed in close collaboration with Community Based Organisations in informal settlements a high quality training- and counselling program called ‘Social Upgrading Programfor youth between 6 and 24 years.