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KuZa Level I: Nurture a therapeutic alliance from intake to closure | The practical approach


KuZa level I is a hybrid 8-week training program based on experiential learning that seeks to build the confidence and competence of professionals in counselling psychology. The goal of KuZa level I is to support young professionals in counselling psychology as they transition from university into the mental health industry with opportunities to put their theory into practice.


  • 2 interactive workshops in practical counselling skills I in-person
  • 6 weekly peer-to-peer counselling sessions I virtual
  • 3 live supervision as part of the peer-to-peer counselling sessions I virtual
  • 1 practicum mid check-in by facilitator I virtual
  • 2 group mentorship sessions I hybrid
  • 24/7 access to a community of peers & professionals in mental health | V-connect I hybrid


KuZa level I workshops focus on practical counselling skills based on real-life scenarios, peer-to-peer counselling with supervison, mentorship and community. Through connection, belonging and courage, KuZa level I is investing in the next generation of counselling professionals in order to provide high-quality mental health servies in the Kenyan context.

This is a popular course and early application is advised. Interested?


Program requirements

  • Undergraduate degree in counselling or psychology
  • Not more than three years since graduation
  • Final year students: in practicum or seeking to start their practicum/internship

Learning outcomes

  • Building, nurturing and maintenance of an effective therapeutic alliance throughout the counselling trajectory
  • Development and effective implementation of the individual counselling framework in counselling sessions
  • Collaboration with other professionals in supervision and mentorship to improve counselling outcomes
  • Design and professional use of the documentation required throughout the counselling process from intake to closure

Content breakdown by workshops


Workshop I: Building and nurturing an effective therapeutic alliance within the counselling process

  • Engagement: establishing a strength-based collaborative and compassion led counselling process
  • The counsellor as a tool: building trust through consistency and predictabilit
  • Navigating resistance of clients driven by curiosity and humanity
  • Communication: the role of proper documentation throughout the counselling process
  • Ethical considerations in nurturing an effective therapeutic alliance


Workshop II: Developing a counselling process framework

  • Introduction to the six stages KuZa counselling process framework
  • Tracing and practicing actions, outcomes and tools of each stage of the KuZa counselling process framework to create new experiences as a counsellor
  • Incorporating the systemic lens in the development of a counselling framework

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Instructional Methods Used

  • Live demonstration
  • Live supervision
  • Role plays
  • Case studies
  • Behaviour modelling
  • Lectures
  • Group mentorship


Our central focus in your learning journey: the HOW!
Our focus is not what you learn on paper. It is HOW you learn on the spot, in practice to enrich your experience.

Assessments and Course Evaluation Process

  • Assignment I: Design client documentation for the counselling process
  • Assignment II: Develop an individual counselling trajectory
  • Assignment III: Compile the peer-to-peer counselling case study 

Course evaluations will be conducted through online evaluation forms. Certificates will be issued after completion of all course requirements.

Code of Conduct

  • Communicating professionally with peers, facilitator, supervisor, Team Vizazi and the community
  • Open minded to be self-reflective and contribute to a conducive learning environment for yourself and others
  • Punctuality for both in person and virtual sessions
  • Active participation in experiential learning activities
  • Timely submission of assignments
  • Uphold professional ethics in counselling psychology
  • Confidentiality

Cost of the program

The total cost of the KuZa Level I program: 25,000 kes.
We offer participants the option to settle the payment in two instalments (15,000 & 10,000 kes).

Important dates

+ Duration: total of 8 weeks
+ We are NOW open for applications!

To apply

For more information contact + 254 (0) 711 927 666 |