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Please feel free to contact Vizazi at any time.
For high quality training and counselling services as an individual, couple, family, school or organisation. Or because you are interested in SUP of Vizazi Foundation.


Thank you so much.

Warm regards,

Wendy Aimée De Macker

Founder Vizazi


Vizazi | training & counselling services


Wendy Aimée De Macker

Founder, trainer & relationship/family counsellor

Wendy is the founder of Vizazi and offers her services as a facilitator & relationship/family counsellor.

+254 (0) 713 678 422 (preferable Whatsapp or Text) |


Mwangi Nderitu

Administrative assistant & V-connect community manager

Mwangi is the heart of our administration and will be available to answer all your inquiries about our services. He is also the connector within our platform V-connect as the community manager.

+254 (0) 711 927 666 (Tuesday & Friday) |



P.O. Box 27704 – 00506

Nairobi | Kenya

+254 (0) 711 927 666 (Tuesday & Friday) |


My level of professionalism in Kenya is acknowledged by:

  • Counsellors & Psychologists Board of Kenya | Ministry of Health | Counsellor | C&P/C/0415/2024
  • KCPA | Kenya Counselling and Psychological Association | Senior Accredited Counsellor I KCPA/4114/16 | KCPA


As an evidence based couples counsellor, I am registered with the following institutions:

Vizazi Foundation I Per 01.09.2022 dissolved

Update: the board of Vizazi Foundation decided for several reasons to dissolve per 01.09.2022 the status of the foundation.
Please read here the background story behind their decision (in Dutch!).



Vizazi Foundations aim was to sustain Vizazi financial with the priority to maintain the training and counselling programs ‘Social Upgrading Program’. Click here for the annual reports since our registration in the Netherlands since June in 2015:



chair and secretary: Jeanet de Jong
treasurer: Bennie Nijhuis


Remuneration Policy

Vizazi Foundation was a non-profit organisation.
Board members have always invested their time and energy on a voluntary basis.


Plan of Action

Vizazi Foundation was founded in June 2015.
The annual reports since 2015 of Vizazi Foundation can be find on this page (see information above).


Financial report

Vizazi Foundation was founded in June 2015.
The detailed compiled financial annual reports since 2015 of Vizazi Foundation can be requested by sending an email to the board of Vizazi Foundation (