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Bruce Moerdjiman


Lecturer / Designer

“Webmaster” since the beginning of Vizazi. I was hired by Wendy to design and develop the website. Based on Vizazi’s visual identity, I had the opportunity to help Vizazi with her online presence.

Short synopsis of your work
A lot of work I created has its roots in interaction design. Although the fields I worked in are very diverse. As an interactive designer, I helped organizations with innovative online projects, but I also helped smaller businesses in establishing their online presence.

In addition to that, I also ventured into the world of visual arts as a VJ (video jockey) and LD (lighting designer) and have performed at major events worldwide, like Lowlands, Mysteryland, Cocoon Club, Sonar. I am very proud to have been a part of the live crew of Sevdaliza. For her live act, I was involved in creating and designing her first two world tours.

For the last couple of years I have been lecturing Creative Technologies and Prototyping at the University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam. There I have the opportunity to coach and guide the new generations of digital designers.

Relationship with Vizazi
To this day I am still involved in helping Vizazi grow online and optimize their website. I am happy that I am working with Vizazi, since their main business is about helping people, which I very much support.

Why Vizazi?
Through a mutual acquaintance, we got connected with each other. So, since the beginning of Vizazi I helped build the online presence and will hope to do so in the future as well. Especially since the foundation is empowering individuals in their life.

What do you hope to aspire in this collaboration?
Help the foundation in her online presence and visibility to the people who are involved with Vizazi or being helped by the foundation.

Website & socials
Instagram: @brucemoerdjiman