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Joseph Kinyua

Founder Showbeat Photo & Film Production & Editing school

My name is Joseph Kinyua. I am a 28-year-old, highly motivated individual passionate about photography and videography which I started learning at the age of 13 years. Through many years of mentorship and support from local organizations, I have been able to acquire many skills. With my knowledge of photography and videography, I started Show Beat Organization in 2015. The organization was officially registered on 20th August 2019 under the Ministry of East Africa Community, Labour and Social Protection Department of Social Development. The aim of the organization is to educate, empower and nurture youths through visual storytelling.

Show beat is a dynamic organization with a strong pull of volunteers. In my capacity as founder and director, I oversee the day-to-day running of the organization.

To give quality education and nurture talents through Visual storytelling.
To build long-term relationships with the community`s needy students through mentorship programs and media projects.
Core values
• We believe in treating society with respect and faith.
• We grow through creativity, mentorship, invention, and innovation.
• We integrate honesty, integrity, and ethics into the community.

Synopsis of your work
There are several projects that we are doing in Mathare Slum, they include:
1. Film School in Mathare (Show Beat Editing School)
This is a community initiative that equips youths in Mathare slum and its surrounding with skills in basic camera operations, video editing, scriptwriting, and graphic design for 3 months. To date, we have completed 6 classes successfully and awarded 22 young women and 18 young men (40 Students) with certificates for participation in the three months intensive training at our school.

To ensure that more girls get knowledge in photography and video production, every semester, we offer a full scholarship for 2 girls from Mathare Slum to learn at our school. We ensure that menstruation and lack of sanitary pads do not hinder girls from attending our classes by providing sanitary pads. This has ensured the smooth learning of 22 young women who are now equipped with skills in photography, videography, and video editing.

2. Graphic design classes
Graphic design is the profession and academic discipline whose activity consists in projecting visual communications intended to transmit specific messages to social groups, with specific objectives, Graphic design is also the art of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.
In this particular course, we will use 3 very important software: –
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe illustrator
• Adobe After Effects

3. Show beat Films
This is a critical part of the organization because it generates money through photography and video production which funds all activities at the organization. This ensures sustainability for our organization. Some of our clients include Vizazi, Independent medico-legal unit, Nachu, Maji Mazuri, Black Forest house among others.

4. Elimu Mashinani
Show beat organization runs an initiative known as Elimu Mashinani (Education in the Grassroots) to try to help school-going students attain their education with less stress. Show Beat organization is working with 40 primary school students in 4 schools in the slums of Mathare namely; Valley view Academy and Mathare Community Outreach (MCO), Lea Learning center, and Patmos school. The project is aimed at educating students in the slums. This is one way we are giving back to the community. We hope to achieve this through outsourcing clients from various parts of the country and approaching various stakeholders in the education sector. Show Beat Films through their earnings from photography and video production jobs will be able to create sustainable solutions in educating needy students, organizing mentorship sessions, and equipping them with skills to tell their stories.

Relationship with Vizazi
The relationship between Vizazi and Show beat organization started several years ago, Show beat organization collaborated with Vizazi to document projects like KuZa and My Drive In Life in both photography and video production. Over the years Show beat has been documenting projects that Vizazi has conducted and we are happy every time we get an opportunity to work with Vizazi.

Why Vizazi?
Vizazi has been doing a unique job in equipping youths with tools to help reduce the number of suicides in Mathare especially during these hard times of covid-19. A lot of businesses were affected making it hard for individuals to provide for their families. This approach is unique and can complement what Show Beat is already doing; equipping young men and women with skills to enable them to earn a living.

What do you hope to aspire to in this collaboration?
What we aspire to do is to help Vizazi document their projects through visual storytelling. This will help to ensure the organization grows and more people will be aware of the amazing work Vizazi is doing in offering solutions through Professional counseling. Having worked in an informal settlement for many years, Show Beat is also able to act as a link to enable much vulnerable youth benefit from the services offered by Vizazi.

Website & socials
Facebook: Show beat Organization / Show beat Films
Instagram: Show Beat Editing School