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Nelleke Nijhuis

Coordinator MDIL I 'My Drive in Life'

Synopsis of work
Entrepreneur in the field of social work. Author & designer of My Drive in Life training program. (Yin Yoga Teacher, Founder of OHYEAR)

I help people to get to a greater understanding of themselves. To know their talents, motivation & drive in life. This is always connected to group-work. Within a safe space and the dynamics of a group the learning for every individual arises. We get to understand ourselves more through interacting and connecting with others. It creates social emotional intelligence. I am a creative designer of training programs and workshops. I also train trainers or young social workers to understand their drive in the field of social work and to facilitate workshops themselves.

Relationship with Vizazi
Connection with Wendy (founder of Vizazi) started years ago around 2005. We shared some dreams and vision and always helped each other to step into those. Wendy was of great importance when publishing the book: My Drive in Life, from there, the training program became embedded in the Vizazi community. Up to now Vizazi, as a community, with like-minded people, is like fuel for my passion and drive to keep on doing what I’m doing in the field of social work.

Why Vizazi
Vizazi is a very innovative and inspiring organization. It shows an example of a foundation that transformed into an organization; it works community based (no competition but togetherness) and creates practical opportunities on different levels (for participants in the programs, facilitators in TOT’s, KuZa participants) in the social work field and therefore creates great impact.

I hope to reach further in the coming years. Hope MDIL can set an example, lead the way in selling commercial online training programs from facilitators to the “world”.

Use that impact for the SUP community as a whole. Creating a healthy organisation with revenue. Also, I hope to see Vizazi really stepping “outside” to the world boldly with the inspiring message connected to: development-work, internationalization, transformation from foundation to organization. To show the world who we are, how we work and what we believe in.

Website & socials
Website: (e-book My Drive in Life is on the website for free) |
Facebook: My Drive in Life – Kenya | My Drive in Life 
Instagram: My Drive in Life