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Philip Otieno Omondi

Finance and Accounting Consultant

Short synopsis of your work
We provide accurate and up to date freelance bookkeeping services, statutory compliance (PAYE, NSSF, NHIF, WHT), audit support and tax consultation at affordable rates maximizing quality and minimizing costs.

Relationship with Vizazi

Why Vizazi?
Our main goal is to add value to start up organization by promoting efficiency and enhancing quality leading the start up to quickly scale up and meet its objectives. We are also interested in organizations that engage our local communities in social projects therefore building and fostering social capital by empowering the youth. Vizazi is such an organization and we have had the privilege to see it grow and be part of its success story. Through the KuZa program, it has been able to foster long lasting relationships with local communities in Mathare, empowering the youth and creating awareness and tools for battling mental health.

What do you hope to aspire to in this collaboration?
We hope that through our collaboration with Vizazi, we will be able to add value through our reputable and extensive financial and bookkeeping expertise and nature it to efficiency for the future generation.

Website & socials
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