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Dr. James Mulli

President and Academic Dean of EBU

Synopsis of your work
European Business University of Luxembourg is a non-profit organization dedicated to making education affordable, accessible, and equitable. EBU adheres to the Triple Bottom Line in this order, People, Planet, before Profit and aspires to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Quality Education. To achieve our goal of making education affordable, accessible, and equitable, EBU started the Certificate scholarship program which targets people in need in Asia, South America, and Africa.

Relationship with Vizazi
To further our mission, EBU has partnered with Vizazi to offer scholarships to their members and alumni of their programs.

Why Vizazi?
Vizazi works directly with people in need and especially youth who stand to benefit a lot from the skills acquired through the certificate programs offered by EBU.

What do you hope to aspire in this collaboration?
EBU hopes to reach as many youths as we can through Vizazi and work together to improve their livelihoods.

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