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Santuri East Africa

Holistic education and career development for musicians

Synopsis of your work

Founded in 2014, Santuri is a self-sustaining community of innovative music practitioners in East Africa. Our objectives are to:

+ Provide effective music education and artist development services,
+ Increase the visibility of left-field East African electronic music practitioners & products, and
+ Build a sustainable, inclusive institution firmly rooted in East Africa’s creative landscape.

Why Vizazi and what do you aspire to in this collaboration?

From interactions with our community of electronic music producers and DJs, we realized that we would benefit greatly from guided and informed mental health support, which Vizazi specialises and has vast experience in. Through this collaboration, Santuri seeks to strengthen the organisation’s sensitivity and awareness of our community’s mental health needs. By undergoing training by Vizazi on stress & trauma awareness, personal well-being, and psychological first aid, Santuri is already underway in contributing towards a holistically productive ecosystem of musicians.

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Instagram: @santuri_east_africa

Twitter: @santuriproject

Facebook: Santuri East Africa